This study is designed to assist you in understanding some of the foundational principles in your new life as a follower of Jesus. Foundations is helpful if you are a new Christian or someone who has been saved for a while but would like some foundational knowledge about this newfound faith in Jesus.

Topics include: New Life, Prayer, The Bible, The church, Water Baptism, and The Holy Spirit.

Monday Evenings, 7-7:30pm, ZOOM.

These six sessions will be on repeat. You can jump in whenever and finish them all! We plan to add more times and days in the future.

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A Disciple is defined in basic terms as a follower, an imitator, a student or pupil. Discipleship is the process of spiritual growth and development that implies a determination to follow after the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, seeking to be an ambassador of God’s kingdom. What could a church full of disciples do for this community?

Topics include what is discipleship, Call to discipleship, discipleship character, Change: friend or foe, and many more!

THE NEXT 8 WEEK SESSION WILL START APRIL 10TH at 7pm here at the church. The first and last session will be at NCCC and the other six will be in person or on ZOOM. We ask that you do not just jump in on this study. We want you to be here for as many of the 8 weeks as possible.